Fat Sam's Grand Slam is Heatin' Up

Bugsy Malone ain't the only one who's been coming to visiting hours. The Grand Slam's dancing is just gettin' started and youse all better be there.


  1. No one at Fat Sam's was sleepin' this Easter Weekend! The Grand Slam was packed and we've been the talk of the town... 

  2. Future Cinema presents Bugsy Malone - APRIL 2012
  3. It was the best night I've had for ages - thank you Future Cinema! :)
  4. Why? Well, we had the best photographers...

  5. And the best on-scene reporters. Baby, we got it all! Fat Sam won't have no less.

  6. What, you still got questions? Problems? You can ask Fat Sam. He'll answer you poysonally.

  7. We can't let Dandy Dan take our spot! We're the top joint around here and it's gotta stay that way. The boss says so.