Best of Twitter

We take a look at everything Fulham to have emerged from Twitter over the past week


  1. The Ginger Iniesta has some catching up to do as he takes on his son in a golden boot competition 
  2. Music sensation Example looks forward to an afternoon at the Cottage
  3. Mladen congratulates our match winner on his goal against Villa 
  4. Pajtim makes one young fan's day
  5. Sascha meets a boxing icon
  6. The Dutch Supporters Club continue to show their support for the Whites
  7. A fan points out a very satisfying fact after our local rivals Chelsea lose in Ukraine 
  8. Bryan is ready to go ahead of the game at Reading
  9. And Saturday's mascot cannot wait to meet the Costa Rican
  10. This week saw the return of the Friday Fulham challenge and there were thousands of suggestions for #fulhamhalloween