ANC 5D 11/10/15 Meeting

Tweets & notes from Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D's November Meeting


  1. A copy of each agenda actually did wind up on every seat, but they wouldn't both stay there for long before Henderson went around removing the agendas that Secretary Buggs placed.
  2. One note about Kathy Henderson's agenda (that she first distributed via email less than three hours before the meeting): she was still adding items to it minutes before the meeting began. Before the meeting started she added an item (it was to become the new item #6), a presentation from a representative from the Department of Energy and the Environment. I heard her thank him, and it was my impression that she had only recently asked him to appear and present. I mention this because some people have suggested that Henderson fills up meetings with unnecessary presentations when she wants to drag out meetings so fewer people are around for the administrative affairs and citizen's concerns portions of the evening. Henderson cut short the presentation on the Pepco/Exelon deal. Make of that what you will.
  3. BTW, the ANC 5D bylaws say they have to hold new elections each January. Based on what happens later in this meeting I'd say it's pretty clear that Henderson doesn't have the votes to win if she runs for Chair in 2016.
  4. The agenda sent out last week by Secretary Buggs and confiscated by Henderson.
  5. Commissioner Lewis arrived shortly before the presentation for the new hotel coming to 411 New York Avenue NE.
  6. You know, ignore that other agenda that was sent out last week.
  7. There are regs about meeting notice, but they don't seem to apply to agenda items.
  8. Lee, Buggs, Shropshire, Roberts, and Blacknell all vote against adopting Henderson's agenda (so it fails). Henderson acknowledges the vote, but says "Ok, we're still moving forward" (with her agenda that the ANC just rejected).