Undergraduates Collaborating in Digital Humanities Research

NITLE Digital Scholarship Seminar, Friday, April 27, 2012, 3-4 pm EDT


  1. John Burnett, Wheaton College presented, “Getting Up to Speed in the Wheaton College Digital History Project.” John is a sophomore at Wheaton College.
  2. Students had been invited by their local campus mentors; John Burnett was speaking but the screen showed Kathryn Tomasek.  This led to some confusion on twitter . . . 
  3. Next speaker: Sarah Schultz, Hamilton College, who will present her English Honors Thesis, “What’s All the Hype About?: A Critical Exploration of Hypertext Theory and Authorship using Agha Shahid Ali’s poem “Snow on the Desert.” Sarah Schultz is a senior at Hamilton College. She concentrates in English and has also helped develop Professor Patricia O’Neill’s DHI initiative, the Agha Shahid Ali digital archive. 

    She may be referred to as Janet Simons on twitter.