The first National Freelance Day from Freelance Australia

The first National Freelance Day event in Australia was held in Melbourne on 12 November 2015. It brought together speakers, freelancers and exhibitors around the notion of "future-proofing" a freelance career.


  1. Thanks to Become Australia for the food and drink, General Assembly for hosting the event, Intuit QuickBooks for supporting us, and Centre for Workplace Leadership for providing the amazing prize of tickets for the Future of Work conference!
  2. The event kicked off with food and drink while people got to know each other.
  3. Attendees were invited to leave their top tips for freelancers, with a prize for the best one. The winner was...
  4. Then we got onto the speakers, with the amazing Rachel Service MCing. First up was Will Dayble of the Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done.
  5. Kristen Boschma talked about some of the challenges of launching into a freelance/portfolio career after working in organisations for several years.
  6. Bob Watts of DT provided some basic dos and don'ts for freelancers working in agencies (also very relevant elsewhere!)
  7. Susan Young was next to talk to us about the tricky issue of personal branding.
  8. Money is regularly cited as a major pain point for freelancers and Ashley Playsted provided some useful advice for freelancers, especially those thinking about buying a house at some point in the future.