How to improve Viewership of Blog Posts?

Though it seems easy to make a blog, however, when it comes to maintaining the value of the content, people often struggle with it or the promotional aspect is usually overlooked.


  1. Some of the bloggers tend to share the content via social networking sites, Amazon SEO but the stage after it never comes. As a result, you start doubting the quality of your content, especially if the target viewership level is not achieved.
  2. Creating the Content
  3. If you don’t know where to start, you can brainstorm few of the ideas, which may get picked up by the audience or appeal to them. The main point is to get them hooked on something. However, it does not mean that one should out rightly follow the trends or go for the rating, because if you don’t have the interest in the topic, you may not be able to give your best. This is why it is good to balance the role of main trends with your personal inclination and ideas. Once you have created the content to cater the needs of the users, it is good to think about the step on outreach. If you know your target audience, the chances of improving the rating and number of clicks will reciprocate. Moreover, some of the bloggers have the habit of looking for problems or flaws in things. If you are one of them, you can turn that into a skill for you. The process is simple; you formulate your opinion in logical and coherent manner and publish it. Furthermore, if you know the significance of mentioning people in your post, it could also increase the chances of getting shared. For example, if you feature someone or mention a credible source, it may increase the quality of your content.
  4. Significance of List Posts
  5. One of the advantages of list posts is that you can add people in form of getting the opportunity or connecting with them to increase the network. This means you should be very careful in terms of maintaining the level of resources or sources.
  6. Role of Quotes
  7. According to the experts, the role of quotes in adding to the beauty of your content is quite important. For instance, if you cover a topic, chances are many experts had already written on it, which means you can use their quotes to extend and validate your points. Likewise, if you can augment the points made by the experts on that specific area, you can attract the views of those experts in terms of increasing your circle or target audience. In addition, you can make the process free of additional steps if you follow the step by step guides.
  8. Hat Tips
  9. Though some of the bloggers tend to mix quotes with hat tips, however, it is important to distinguish between the two to make your knowledge and blogging more effective. From the perspective of the renowned names, the hat tips are considered more of formal way to give credit to the due person for main idea or concept, while the quotes are used to give credit to a specific content or part within a larger context. Similarly, quotes are more direct and one is expected to give the reference for it. For instance, if you are citing a source or quote from the website or research of a renowned name, you can quote it or if you want to give the author credit for the broad concept, you can use the option of the hat tip.
  10. Sources
  11. The role of sources becomes more important if the person creating a new content wants to produce a very high quality of the piece. In simple words, if you spend more time researching and coming up with new ideas, it is recommended that you utilize good sources to give credibility to your ideas or content. Furthermore, if you want to build a network, you can write small thank you notes to set a good tone of your relationship,
  12. Collection of Expert Opinions
  13. The involvement of the viewers of your blog or content can play a contributing role in making your content interactive and dynamic than it seems. To put simply, if you don’t have expertise on a particular topic but your audience seems interested in it, you can create a collection of opinion to fulfill the expectations in addition to providing them with a range of views on a subject. Another interesting way of networking and building good work relationship with your peers or experts in the field is to request for a contribution, as it would not only increase the standard of your blog, but the connections and network in terms of collaborative projects can be multiplied. Hence, you are expected to contact or engage the top names rather than compromising on the links and content.
  14. Follow Up Post
  15. If you are new or if you are struggling to come up with another innovative idea, there are ways of handling that pressure, for example, if you have a popular subject or blog, you can extend it or turn it into a series to engage your audience or build your profile in terms of making a name. Sometimes, people write on topics, which are not their areas of specialization, in that case, you can add to it or write a counter argument to make content in accordance with your values and belief. However, it is important to remember that you are not completely dismissive or arrogant about it because if you don’t address the factors or take into account the difference of opinion, you may not be able to come up with the informed opinion.
  16. Additional Resources
  17. Some of the bloggers are very good at writing or creating new content, however, if you are under the impression that you know everything or that you have taken into consideration most of the facts maybe you should reconsider your position. In other words, if you give value to the additional sources despite working hard on your subject, it shows that you value existing literature and prominent names, which is a sign of the successful person.
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