Peas Please Launch

The launch of our Veg Facts and new initiative 'Peas Please' to address supply chain barriers to veg consumption


  1. On the 7th November we launched the brand new Veg Facts which contains new, shocking data on veg consumption, how much we should be eating and the effects of poor consumption on our health.
  2. Veg Facts and our Peas Please initiative was lanched simultaneously in London, Cardiff and Glasgow each location was packed full of farmers, manufacturers, retailers, government, NGOs and idustry bodies, proving that a united voice is needed to change the food system
  3. The Veg Facts were presented and the case behind the #peasplease initiative
  4. During the launch we heard about what has been happening in the project so far, which included a video from our veg retreat held in Birmingham in October. The retreat took 20 experts on a two day trip to experience the supply chain barriers to veg consumption first hand, by visiting a number of sites across the city and surrounding areas.
  5. The retreaters then contributed to the event by giving an acount of their experience in Birmingham and a common take-home was diverse mix of representatives from different sectors along the supply chain and how we can all work together for a bigger impact
  6. We heard some fantastic examples of what is already happening around the country to get more veg into our food system.
  7. Attendees of each event were given a chance to sign up on these postcards to show their support for the project and you can too at