2nd National Sustainable Food Summit 2012

The 2nd Annual Sustainable Food Summit was held in Sydney on 3rd April 2012. Over 2 days, we progressed the discussion from 2011 and began to examine what new frameworks and emerging solutions will help support a sustainable and resilient food system for Australia now and in the future.


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  2. In preparation for the Summit, a new paper outlining the Principles Of A New Sustainable Food System was published. Take a look! 
  3. CUSTOMERS TO COMMUNITIES: Growing Change is a documentary that looks at one of the most exciting experiments in the world to grow a fair and sustainable food system. In Venezuela, from fishing villages to cacao plantations to urban gardens, a growing social movement is showing what’s possible when communities, not corporations, start to take control of food. Will there be a shift from customers to communities in Australia's food system? 
  4. Growing Change - documentary trailer
  5. CONSUMPTION +  FOOD WASTAGE: The British government has called for radical changes in patterns of consumption. A diet which is both healthy and good for the environment is outlined in the following video: 
  6. Draft Frameworks Of A New Sustainable Food System was published pre-summit. Click below to download the paper. 



    How do we overcome challenges and exploit opportunities in food production, processing and distribution to achieve a greater security of supply?


    Can we improve environmental and social outcomes in food supply chains without increasing costs? 

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  9. Introduction: Joshua Bishop, WWF Australia

    To see his presentation please click below:
  10. Speaker 1: Jackie Healer, Quality, Policy and Governance Manager, Coles Supermarkets spoke about the supply chain from a retailers perspective. One of her main points was 'You can’t assume the retailer is going to fix it up – margins and customer loyalty is different. We cannot drive that degree of change' 

     http://www.coles.com.au/About-Coles/Sustainability.aspx&nbsp ;
  11. For a copy of her presentation, click below:
  12. Consumer drivers were also a large part of her presentation: 'People largely do not trust everyone they're suppose to trust ... they turn to social media and celebrities'