Week 5 with the Amazing #Nifkin Students

This week we saw a few new elements, like the video from the #GotFisheries group. Other tudents are working on getting their blogs and websites into shape to archive.


  1. The last of the video series from #GotFisheries. They visited the Salmon River Hatchery.
  2. Salmon River Element 5
  3. The Redesigning the Quad group offers a new design for the ESF quad.
  4. Responsible Pet Ownership held a bake sale to raise money for an animal shelter.
  5. The kaZOOzles group gave us a video that gives us zoos from a kid's perspective. They will be hosting a twitter chat about zoos Wednesday 9-10 pm. Join using #nifkin
  6. Check out their blog here.
  7. The Erie Canal Group added a prezi to their blog.
  8. Project Happy Meal wraps up by adding up miles and nutrition facts.
  9. The Zootelage group offers a Wild Facts flow chart.
  10. Check out these blogs and websites.