Week 4 with the Amazing #Nifkin Students

The #nifkin students have been busy again this week, each group adding another element to their ongoing projects.


  1. From Responsible Pet Ownership comes a video on how to teach your dog some tricks. This video stars a very cute dog named Coco.
  2. Have you ever wondered what a studbook was? Watch this video from kaZOOzles that explains breeding programs in zoos.
  3. Plus, they interviewed Dr. James Gibbs and did a prezi about snow leopards.
  4. The Redesigning the Quad group put together a brochure on rain gardens and distributed the brochure around campus.
  5. The Erie Canal Group did a videotape that includes some interviews and answers the question, "What do people use the Erie Canal for today?"
  6. The Erie Canal in the 21st Century
  7. The Zootelage group gives us a prezi based on a survey about zoos.
  8. The long-awaited rap from 'Murica group, which features three young men: one from a city, one from a suburb, one from the country.
  9. The Waste Water group gives us a crossword puzzle.
  10. We get another video about the Salmon River Hatchery, which includes an interview with a fisherman who is asked, "What would you do differently?"
  11. Salmon River: Element 4
  12. The Animal Shelters Vs Pet Stores group gives us several storifies from the twitter chat they held last week.
  13. The Educate Earth Group visits Beaver Lake Nature Center.
  14. Project Happy Meal takes a look this week at Drinks.
  15. Project Happy Meal - The Drink
  16. The group that's looking at Onondaga Lake (a very polluted lake in the area) and Green Lakes (a protected lake in the area) invites us to a twitter chat, Wednesday from 9 pm -- 10 pm EST. Use the hashtag #nifkin.