Week 3 with the Amazing #Nifkin Students

Here's what students have been working on this week.


  1. The kaZOOzle group put together footage they took at the zoo in Syracuse with an original song about conservation. Check it out below: 
  2. This week, the Erie Canal Group challenges us to play Jeopardy to see what facts we know about the history of the canal.
  3. Responsible Pet Ownership created a Prezi to teach us about pet care.
  4. Have you ever wondered how much water you use in a day? This college student takes us through his day.
  5. Educate Earth did a class activity to teach us about how DDT gets passed along the food chain.
  6. What to do with a dead body? Are some choices more eco-friendly than others? Check out the Post-Mortum Prezi.
  7. The Got Fisheries? Group is inviting readers to tell their fish stories. While you're there, you can read about how hatcheries function.
  8. This group has been looking at Green Lakes, a fairly pristine lake, and Onondaga Lake, often called the most polluted lake in the country. But it looks like BOTH lakes have environmental issues ....
  9. The Animal Shelter vs Pet Store group has been asking readers to post pictures of their pets. They're hosting a twitter chat on Wednesday, 9 pm until 10 pm EST.
  10. Before the Wednesday night twitter chat, you can educate yourself by playing this jeopardy game they set up.
  11. Figuring out new options for the ESF quad includes looking at the soil to see what plants can live here.
  12. Three students -- one from an urban area, one from a suburban area, one from a rural area -- are writing a blog about living in sustainable ways in these different types of areas. There's a rumor that they're working on a rap song. If you scroll down on their blog, you can see the blooper reel, which they released as a promo.
  13. Project Happy Meal continues to provide information about fast food. This week's video focuses on French Fries.