Nifkin Students: Projects begin

For the next five weeks, the #nifkin students will be tweeting elements of their research projects every Wednesday on twitter. Here are a few of the things they've made public so far today:


  1. Project Happy Meal began with a preview:

  2. They're hosting a twitter chat tonight, Wed March 27, 9—10 pm EST, under the hashtag #nifkin.
  3. Another group of students set up a blog to educate people about fisheries.
  4. A group of local students have chosen the Erie Canal as their research site. They began with some of their photos of the canal, set to music.
  5. These students set up a website about two lakes in our region: Onondaga Lake, sometimes called the most polluted lake in North America, and Green Lake, sometimes called the most beautiful lake in North America.
  6. Fun facts about animals have been showing up all over campus. Rumor has it that a group of #nifkin students will be talking to us about zoos.
  7. I found some kaZOOzles! #nifkin
    I found some kaZOOzles! #nifkin
  8. They explain their project a little more here.
  9. This group of #nifkin students went on facebook and asked other students to upload pictures of green space on their campuses. They're going to be analyzing the design of the quad here at ESF.
  10. Two students who love animals set up a facebook page:
  11. They made a video about the pet adoption process:
  12. A group of students who are looking at nature centers are hosting an interactive activity on twitter:
  13. Other students are setting up blogs:
  14. Follow #nifkin on twitter (or follow @follownifkin) to see how these projects develop over the next five weeks.