Week 2 with the Amazing #Nifkin Students

It's Wednesday, and the #nifkin students have been busy again, each group posting the second part of their project. Check out what they've been doing.


  1. The #GotFisheries Group produced the first of four videos designed to educate the public about the Salmon River Fish Hatchery.
  2. Salmon River: First Element
  3. We got another installment of Project Happy Meal. This one focuses on the hamburger.
  4. Project Happy Meal - The Hamburger
  5. And they looked at one of the myths associated with fast food.
  6. Learn more about the Erie Canal with this presentation from five students who live on five different parts of the canal. (Be sure to watch it in full screen mode so that you can see everything.)
  7. If you were a lion, which enclosure would you prefer? The kaZOOzles group asks for our feedback and analysis.
  8. They also held an educational contest on zoo enclosures.
  9. Animal Shelter Adventure! Responsible Pet Ownership visits the Hornell Animal Shelter. 
  10. Element #2- Exploring A Shelter!
  11. How did Onondaga Lake get so polluted? This blog post explains.
  12. The Animal Shelter vs Pet Stores group wants you to take this survey. They've put up photos that they took at either a pet store or an animal shelter: you have to guess which.
  13. The Postmorten Group takes a look at traditional burial by going to Oakwood Cemetery in Syracuse and talking to some students.
  14. Are zoos havens for animals or prisons? The Zootelage group wants you to take their survery.
  15. Join the conversation about Waste Water Treatment by checking out this blog. 
  16. The group that plans to Redesign the ESF Quad asks you to take a survey about how you use the green space on your campus. This will be followed up with a twitter chat tonight (Wednesday) 9 pm-10pm EST under #nifkin.