Salt Lake City: The Sequel

On our way to participate in the Wasatch Roller Derby event "The Great Salt Skate," the car containing Boulder County Bombers members Papa Whiskey, Fleur de Beast, and Socks 2BU went and broke down. We left it in SLC pending repairs. That's Part 1. Part 2 is where Fleur recovers the car.


  1. Which 15 hours were filled with gorgeous scenery, diligent writing, self-indulgent playing of computer games, a marathon session of reading The Man in the High Castle more or less all in one sitting after picking up a copy of the book in Grand Junction, and, oh, just the most decadent series of naps.
  2. And then the train arrived.
  3. July 4 was mostly spent relaxing and also visiting. But I got some good exercise 'round lunch time.
  4. And then came Tuesday morning. "Vacation" was over.
  5. Not reported here: Discovering that the car's coolant system had something seriously wrong with it, multiple stops to let things cool down, buying more coolant fluid to replace what boiled away just before Evanston (it's always Evanston), and driving with the heat blasting (down I-80 in 95-degree weather) in order to keep the engine from overheating again.
  6. Also not reported here: Finally having a 75-cent ice cream cone in Little America.
  7. Anyway, all's well that ends well, and I made it back to Boulder County in time to pick Papa Whiskey up from All Stars practice.
  8. Epilogue: And then we took the car to the shop the next morning to check on the overheating problem, and a couple more things had to replaced. And the Saturn now runs more or less OK for its age, and we have retired it from high-mileage duty. And we are in the market for a replacement car. #TheEnd #WeHope