Journey through the darkness

and discovering who your true friends on the way


  1. nag0ul is an #Egyptian friend with a wicked sense of humour and a passion for life. But today his country colluded in finalising a military coup that began in February 2011 and overturned their Arab Spring.

    What happens to our hearts when those we love speak like this?
  2. What often happens - and I made that mistake to begin with - is to disagree, to argue and to not listen. Then I got it and remembered how lonely I felt when others couldn't bear my expressing my own version of this Dark Night of the Soul.

    And I was struggling with my own grief, it being Father's Day and my own father no longer alive. My own grief and the despair of my friend was too much.
  3. When we are asked to carry more pain than we can cope with, we will crumble eventually. But when the pain is as a result of cruelty, abuse and corruption, anger and rage follows close behind.