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The FirstNet Board recognizes progress of the nationwide public safety broadband network

During their June 28, 2017 meeting, the FirstNet Board met with FirstNet leadership to discuss the release of state plans, first responder network priorities, and what it means for the public safety broadband network moving forward.


  1. The FirstNet Board is a team of highly-skilled, highly motivated individuals with a cross-section of expertise who are committed to making the nationwide public safety broadband network a success. Click here for more information on FirstNet Board Members.
  2. Board chair Sue Swenson opened the meeting, reflecting on how far the effort to deploy a nationwide public safety broadband network has come, with FirstNet working hand-in-hand with public safety and the states. During the meeting, the Board discussed benefits of the newly launched public-private partnership with FirstNet | AT&T, important progress with the release of state plans, and the network deployments on the horizon.
  3. FirstNet Board announces the Harlin McEwen Public Safety Broadband Communications Award

  4. First order of business was recognizing the hard work and dedication of one of the founding fathers of public safety broadband communications, and former Chairman of the Public Safety Advisory Council (PSAC), Harlin McEwen. The FirstNet Board presented Chief McEwen with the inaugural Harlin McEwen Public Safety Broadband Communications Award.
  5. FirstNet Vice Chair Jeff Johnson- “A lot of people forget who thought of the race, started the race and who ran the first 15 years of the race. Harlin, that one person is you. We want to recognize that. It is our distinct honor and privilege to recognize you with the ‘Harlin R. McEwen Public Safety Broadband Communications Award,’ of which you are the first recipient. So on our behalf and on behalf of chairwoman Swenson and the entire team, thank you for your contributions.”
  6. Chief Harlin McEwen- “This has been a great journey. All of you are now in charge of the rest of that journey, you have a great responsibility and I have every bit of confidence that you will do this and you will do it right. I will still be there behind the scenes supporting you. I do appreciate the recognition from this particular board and body because of all that you do. Thank you very much.”

  7. Public safety wins through FirstNet | AT&T public-private partnership

  8. President TJ Kennedy spoke on the objectives-based approach FirstNet took in awarding a contract and establishing a unique public-private partnership that provides public safety with the best value in emergency communications.
  9. President TJ Kennedy: “We went down a statement of objectives approach and this really resulted in a much better, competitive award. And it resulted in a contract that is enforceable, that is what we now have. We had to go through a very detailed process, the court affirmed the great work done and the end result was even better than we could have anticipated. We really ended up with an amazing solution.”
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  11. FirstNet core network will provide the capabilities that matter most to first responders

  12. Chief Technology Officer Jeff Bratcher touched on the technical advantages of a dedicated core network and the key capabilities that make FirstNet desirable for public safety; priority, preemption, and quality of service, and end-to-end cybersecurity. These capabilities set FirstNet apart from any commercial network available today.
  13. FirstNet CTO Jeff Bratcher: “We have taken cyber security very seriously. Not only did we work across federal, we went to industry and asked for feedback and comments on the draft appendix. AT&T is definitely stepping up to bat to meet this and exceeded in all capabilities. AT&T is standing up a dedicated security operations Center for FirstNet and that will run in parallel to their global operation security center. Some of the key focus areas for cybersecurity that AT&T is going to do moving forward, obviously enhancement network security. Identity, Credential, and Access Management capabilities and security that goes with those. Application security will be a big driver as well as the evolution and maturing of getting to the Internet of things, and other capabilities within the network that will be at play and we’ll have a close security posture on.”
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  15. FirstNet State Plans release- a significant milestone towards deployment

  16. FirstNet and AT&T provided states and territories across the U.S. with individualized plans to rapidly build the FirstNet network solution, creating new jobs and driving additional investments in the state. This marks a major milestone in the deployment of the FirstNet network.