Becoming a #Happypreneur - Updated

Burning the Candle at Both Ends Without Getting Burned. Building resilience to burnout and fostering a life of well-being. #DENStartupWeek


  1. Keep an eye out for my follow-up to Burning the Candle at Both Ends... This year, I hope to be hosting a panel discussion at #DENStartupWeek and Q&A about fostering #resilience to #burnout, managing #anxiety in the #startup world, and building #relationships as an #entrepreneur. Guests will include an Entrepreneur, a #Psychotherapist, a Life Coach and a Dominatrix, all of whom navigate these very issues and specialize in helping others do the same.
  2. Embrace Uncertainty: Let Go of the Need to Know
  3. Master Enoughism: Let go of the false pursuit of Perfection
  4. Target Your Love: Open a Dialogue to Tailor Your Love
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  8. Yesterday (Monday, 9/15/14) at #DENStartupWeek, I presented on becoming a #happypreneur: identifying signs of burnout, short-circuiting the causes, fostering resilience, and developing a life of well-being and fulfillment. Here are some highlights and resources:
  9. Here's the TED talk by Amy Cuddy on mood-boosting body language mentioned in the Q&A:
  10. Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
  11. My 1 min animation on how counseling helps people manage the stressors of our hectic daily lives:
  12. Counseling Helps LeBauer Counseling, Denver, CO
  13. Here's one of Brene Brown's talks on vulnerability. When we let go of certainty and perfectionism, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we foster authentic connections with others. Those connections are the framework and the fertilizer for collaborations that spark our creativity and innovation.
  14. Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability
  15. When we let go of the need to feel certain, to know the answers and next steps, we can open our minds to wonder, we can embrace curiosity, and the world opens up before us:
  16. The Ecstasy of Curiosity
  17. As Dan Gilbert discusses in his TED talk, our prefrontal cortex, our experience simulator, gives us the skill to imagine events, to positively anticipate, synthesizing happiness before we've even experienced it: