Facebook, Create Your Own Name.

On January 30, 2014, our team learned with everyone else that Facebook was announcing an app with the same name—Paper. Not only were we confused but so were our customers. Was this the same Paper? No. Had FiftyThree been acquired? Definitely not. Then, what’s going on? Our reply: news.fiftythree.com


  1. Reactions from Press on Facebook's Announcement Day

  2. "'Paper' may be a generic term, but I still think it’s a shame that Facebook chose it as a name when there’s already a wonderful iPad app with the same moniker."

    –Harry McCracken, TIME. Read more: With Paper, Facebook Reimagines Itself for the Mobile Era
  3. "Facebook is giving iPhone users a new way to view their newsfeed come February 3 with a new app called Paper -- not to be confused with the iPad drawing app with the same name."

    –Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer. Read more: Facebook Targets Flipboard with New iPhone Paper App
  4. "For now, the possibility of confusion will be limited by the fact that FiftyThree’s Paper is for iPad, and Facebook’s Paper is for iPhone, but the social network will no doubt be expanding the app beyond the Apple smartphone if it’s successful."

  5. "No, the company hasn’t bought Fifty-Three, creators of the iPad drawing app Paper."

    –Chris Southcott, TechGeek. Read more: This is Facebook Paper
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