The best of our Food Innovation Global Mission!

14 students, 60 days, 10 food hubs, 1 amazing journey around the world. This is FIGM17! From Netherlands To Singapore passing through the United States we've followed the heart of the world’s innovation! Are you ready to be part of this disruptive and beautiful rollercoaster with us?


  1. Before we start...

  2. 1) Do you know what is Food Innovation Global Mission

  3. Food Innovation program 2.0: Waiting for the Global Mission
  4. 2) Do you know what is Live from #FIGM17?

  5. This is a collection of live-recording videos made by the students and the staff of Food Innovation Program during Food Innovation Global Mission 2017. You can find the complete playlist on Youtube...
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  11. Ok everything is ready so...let's start!
  12. Step 1: Amsterdam&Wageningen

  13. From Bologna to Netherlands!
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  16. And Netherlands here we are!