#YesAllWomen - Response to #BengaluruMolestation and #NotAllMen

We @FeminismInIndia were angry about the first response to the mass molestation in Bengaluru being #NotAllMen. So we set out to collect and share women's many instances of sexual violence using #YesAllWomen. Within a few hours, it began to trend as women shared their traumatic stories of abuse.


  1. This was our call for women to share their stories of abuse. To tell men that it was NOT about them. It was not about #NotAllMen being molesters or rapists. It was about #YesAllWomen having been victims of sexual violence. And that really should have been the issue after the mass molestation of women in Bengaluru. We had written an article about it titled, "Dear Men. You Win." After that, we began sharing stories that have been previously published on our website under the 'Survivor Stories' section.
  2. Simultaneously, women began to share their experiences of abuse - most of which started very early in life.