American Crime Watch Club: Episodes 1 and 2

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  1. The main themes of the third season of American Crime center around different types of human trafficking happening right here in our own American neighborhoods. The season highlights human vulnerabilities that are preyed, human deficiencies that allow people to dehumanize and exploit their fellow humans, and the very real consequences of human frailty and greed in societies that are ill-equipped to protect trafficking victims and detect and punish traffickers.

    Human trafficking, or modern day slavery, is a common human element about which much of society is unaware, but we all benefit from it every day. Trafficking leads to affordable produce in your grocery store, paid for through the exploitation of agricultural workers. Trafficking fuels the underground sex trade, supplying young women to buyers of sex through exploiting their vulnerabilities, which are numerous. Trafficking leads to the exploitation of domestic workers, working more than full time without benefits or employment protections at best, often enslaved and working or on-call 24/7, at worst.
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  3. The pilot episode introduced the main story lines of sex trafficking of a domestic pimp of underage girls in hotels, and the labor trafficking of migrant farm workers.
  4. The opening scene of the pilot episode showed an underage queer sex trafficking survivor who was pimped out by his cousin.
  5. The labor trafficking site was a family farm that is struggling to keep up with the large factory farms, and is cutting costs at every turn to stay in business - but the costs cut by them are being paid by the people they are trafficking.
  6. Polaris runs the National Human Trafficking Hotline, and received calls from over 2,000 survivors directly in 2016.
  7. While there are dozens of types of human trafficking, so far Season 3 of American Crime has focused on labor trafficking and sex trafficking, which both have slightly different methods of force, fraud, and coercion.