Vyalis Male Enhancement Review - Grow Wise, Young with Bigger Size!

Feel less excited in bed? Want to fight those premature ejacuation problems? Then make use of Vyalis Male Enhancement. This will help you boost libido and with regular use, you can also increase size naturally.


  1. Today I am reviewing Vyalis Male Enhancement, a product that promises easy and effective increase in penis size. The idea of reviewing dawned upon me since it’s not much of a well known product and I have been using it for months with positive results.

    What is it about?

    It is a penis size enhancement supplement which promises 3.5” progress with regular usage. It contains a blend of natural ingredients that boost growth just as they reach inside the body. The product also promises to deliver effective and fast results and enhance strength along with endurance for maintaining a longer and harder erection.

    Pack Details…

    It comes in a collective pack of two products - tablets and ointment. The application of ointment is used directly on the penis to enhance size whilst tablets are taken orally that enhance libido, arousal and sexual stamina.

    Ingredients of Vyalis Male Enhancement

    Though there’s no list available, this is what I figured from several resources:

    Libido and stamina boosting herbs


    Blood flow inducing/NO increasing ingredients (natural)

    Proprietary blend of bio identical liposome ointment solution

    How Does it Work?

    Bio identical liposome ointment contains several augmentation boosting ingredients that help enhance hardness of the penis

    The ointment contains the nutrients which are hastily absorbed by the penis

    Ingredients in the capsule enhances dopamine levels in the brain and triggers body to form more testosterone

    It also enhances the stamina, facilitates fast post erection recovery and helps one maintain a longer erection

    What should you Expect?

    It promises to:

    Increase length by three and half inches

    Enhance girth by one and half inches

    Amplify endurance and stamina

    Why Do I Recommend it?

    I have been using Vyalis Male Enhancement regularly for the past three months. Earlier, it was hard for me to get an erection since I am pushing late 50s but now I am better than that. My lovely partner also remarks it that with age, I’ve grown better and that’s because of this supplement. I have witnessed side effect free progress in my vitals’ size which is why I recommend it.


    Preferable alternative to penis pump, surgery etc

    No exercise-diet mandatory

    Effective and affordable

    No side effects

    Easy to use

    Manufactured in a certified facility

    Free of drugs and fillers/binders


    Ingredients list is not available

    Where to Buy?

    Vyalis Male Enhancement can be purchased online at its official website. ======>>>>>> viarexlabsblog.com/