Tracking Social Media Reaction to the Facebook IPO

The Facebook IPO has finally arrived. Facebook began trading on NASDAQ Friday morning. We're tracking reactions from the tech and media world on social media:

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  1. (More on Facebook's impact from Fast Company here.)

    Mark Zuckerberg rang the NASDAQ bell remotely from Facebook HQ:
    Photo via Facebook employee Erick Tseng via Gigaom 
  2. It's official! Exciting day! Now some sleep, then back to work!
  3. Facebook engineers rigged a slick hack that posted an update to Zuck's status as he rang the bell... from a pair of headphones. 
  4. I love that there was an open graph story posted on Mark's timeline as soon as Facebook was listed. Props to whoever hacked on that last night to make it happen. Very much reflective of our mission: a more open and connected world.
  5. While Zuck and company were at Menlow Park, Randi Zuckerberg made it over to NASDAQ. 
  6. On the NASDAQ floor, celebrating the Facebook IPO, with Facebook's CFO (and more importantly, Feedbomb bass player)
  7. New Singaporean Eduardo Saverin posted reflections on his Facebook page. 
  8. Reuters tech reporter Alexei Oreskovic is tweeting from Facebook HQ:
  9. I could write 1,000 words about #facebookIPO media coverage. Or I could post this photo. #cnbc
  10. ... no kidding. Then, finally: 
  11. Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Sean Parker and the rest of the IPO Players Club are now worth a packet. The Guardian found out just how much. 
  12. New Republic editor Chris Hughes may have got out of the Facebook game early, but was part of the very first Facebook crew.