The Twitter Scavenger Hunt of Spring 2014

Pairs of students were asked to go around campus and ask other students and professors a number questions and then tweet the answers. It was hectic but worthwhile and here is the story of that adventure.


  1. Me and my partner were definitely excited to get this Twitter Scavenger Hunt started.
  2. We started out asking Professor Fikry Boutrous his opinion about the role social media plays in society.
  3. Moving on to students, Mamdouh Dorgham told us which social media platforms and sources he uses to get his news.
  4. When we started discussing student clubs and the educational role they play, the perfect student to talk to was a member of the Model Arab League.
  5. Karim Gawad and Nada Ayoub told us about their experiences with clubs as well.
  6. Making a Vine was helpful while trying to explain the variety of clubs at the American University of Cairo.
  7. What about where AUCians like to eat? Mariam Zaki told us her favorite spot.
  8. My fellow classmates also shared their favorite views during the Twitter Scavenger Hunt.
  9. It turns out that many of the student's favorite spots are near the garden area.
  10. This spot is in front of the library, which is also near the gardens.
  11. They also shared unknown facts about AUC's campus.