Remembering Your Loved Ones

Creating an online memorial for those who have passed away.


  1. An unfortunate and inevitable part of life is its transience and fragility. From a young age, people understand and come to terms with the fact that our lives are on loan, and that whether of natural or unforeseen causes, death is an unavoidable and uncompromising difficulty which each and every person has to cope with.


    There are over seven billion people in the world, but each and every person has a special significance, and makes an indelible impact on those who are close to that person. So many people’s deaths are forgotten, and though it is terribly difficult, we must move on in our lives.


    Move on, but not forget those who were close to us—those who made an impact on our lives, and made the world a better place. Many people choose to create scrapbooks, highlighting momentous and meaningful events in people’s lives. Others choose to write a poem or a book, commemorating the loss of a loved one. In a contemporary world so heavily reliant on technology, another method is becoming increasingly popular. Free memorial websites are an easy and excellent way to symbolize and commemorate a loss. A memorial website is also extremely versatile, and can include photos, videos, comments, music and other elements that may have meaningful significance or some connection to the deceased.


    Memorial websites are essentially everlasting, and will never be diminished or damaged by aging or time. While the more traditional and archaic methods of memorializing the deceased are touching, an online memorial is something that is extremely practical, and can offer a broad range of choices and details that are unachievable with the older practices of memorializing. For instance, an online memorial can appeal to a massive audience, and is not limited to a small and close group. Unlike a physical memorial, an online memorial is not limited to those who are in contact with the actual object, and it can be accessed from virtually any part of the world.


    Online memorial websites are becoming increasingly popular as the Internet and technology continue to pervade throughout the world. The Internet is growing at an alarming rate, and Internet access is easier and cheaper than ever before, and is transitioning into an omniscient and comprehensive database.


    Though we can and should continue to cherish the memories of those who have passed from this world with conventional and traditional methods, online memorial websites are an excellent way to spread the love and importance of someone who has passed, and offers limitless possibilities for details, and virtual access from all over the world.