Regional Centers In The USA


  1. USCIS (an agency within DHS) has made frequent mention on recent Stakeholder Engagements and at industry conferences of its conviction that it has the rulemaking authority to unilaterally change the Program's regional center rules, notwithstanding the absence of formal legislation in Congress. More than $2.5 million was deposited into Sethi's personal bank account in Hong Kong and $35,000 was used to pay a prior judgment to Wyndham Hotels, SEC records show. New York Regional Center EB5 Immigration For U.S.-educated international students, the EB-5 program can be a positive alternative to seeking H-1B visas. Here's my conclusion from reading years of USCIS evidence requests and AAO decisions on EB-5 cases: the most common EB-5 business plan problems are basic and easy to catch. The program saw a dramatic spike in participation as economies in Asia and South America blossomed, empowering more foreigners to afford the program's buy-in. Julian Montero , Jay Rosen , and I recently attended and lectured at the NES Financial EB-5 Innovation Summit , which was held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Miami. The bundle package of documents including EB-5 business plan either through direct investment or Regional Center must be compliant for USCIS and SEC.
  2. The EB-5 I-526 petition will provide enough evidence as regards the creation of employment by applicant investment in the EB-5 project/center. Experts say the EB-5 investors also can be less discerning than Wall Street because they are primarily in it for the green card — never expecting much of a return on their payments. The SEC representative on the panel indicated that they were actively coordinating with foreign regulators in China to police the EB-5 industry. If you have an EB-5 regional center covering Houston, TX and want to transfer ownership, please contact us at artisanbusiness@, interested buyer is seeking a RC in Texas.
  3. An acknowledgment that the EB-5 Program does need certain reforms and integrity measures to assist in promoting the credibility of the Program given the political climate and the fact that it is very important to try to minimize the amount of bad actors in the industry, the transactions that are undertaken without proper diligence and supervision, and the elimination of projects that do not satisfy reasonable feasibility standards.
  4. The Commerce Department study commissioned by IPO to assess the EB-5 program's economic impact is in the final stages of review” and will be released in the next couple weeks.” The study covers FY2012-2013, so old news now, but its impact assessments are reportedly higher than estimates for the same period by industry groups (who had less data to work with).
  5. For more information or for a free consultation, please visit our website at Our team is experienced in all aspects of immigration into the United States, and will help you start down the road to your own American Dream! Normally, an annual quota of 10,000 visas is identified under the EB-5 Visa category every year.
  6. The plan written by a professional without EB-5 experience will explain the business well but may neglect detail needed to assess compliance with EB-5-specific requirements (e.g. whether the date and conditions of formation qualify the enterprise as new,” whether the timing and nature of employment meet EB-5 requirements, whether the investment qualifies as being at risk, whether the structure is compliant).