Gimme Fiber Day Comes Early to Chattanooga

On October 6, Gimme Fiber Day award winner EPB Fiber Optics and the FTTH Council were pleased to help kick off Chattanooga Startup Week with Foundry Group co-founder Brad Feld and Launch TN Charlie Brock.


  1. The title of Foundry Group co-founder Brad Feld's book is Startup Communities, and that was the subject of his conversation with Launch TN President and CEO Charlie Brock on Monday night in Chattanooga's Waterhouse Pavilion. 
  2. Monday's event was part of Startup Week Chattanooga, a celebration of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial community. The EPB Fiber Optics and the Fiber to the Home Council Americas were honored to be part of the celebration of what Chattanoogans are doing with the first gigabit service in the country. 
  3. Feld talked about his "lessons learned" on building an entrepreneurial community. Among them:
  4. And, the conversation got around to fiber and the amazing platform gigabit internet can be to entrepreneurs and innovators, as well as the importance of communities taking control of their bandwidth destinies. 
  5. Feld also talked about his investment in a Hacker House in Kansas City after the announcement of Google's fiber buildout there. He bought the house for around $79,000 dollars 2 years ago and now, it's been appraised for closer to $250,000. Ultra-fast fiber has become part of the platform for investment and innovation in at least one Kansas City neighborhood. 
  6. Stay tuned for more as the rest of the world gears up to celebrate Gimme Fiber Day on November 4!