#AskAnArchivist Day 2016

FSU Special Collections kicked off American Archives Month by participating in #AskAnArchivist Day on October 5, 2016.


  1. If you missed out on #AskAnArchivist Day, be sure to check out all the questions we answered. While #AskAnArchivist happens only one day a year, you can always contact our archivists by emailing us at lib-specialcollections@fsu.edu or calling the Research Center at 850-644-3271.
  2. What kind of educational requirements are needed to become an archivist?

  3. Digital Archivist, Krystal Thomas, ruminates over common questions she gets asked about her position in Special Collections
  4. One of the most asked questions for library/archives collection, "when will you have everything digitized?"

  5. Any advice (suggested resources) for a county history museums that is totally volunteer run and has no prof staff?

  6. To ALL museums/places of history ... What is your MOST cherished artifact?

  7. What is your favorite way to promote engagement with your collections? Exhibits, social media, digital galleries...?

  8. So...that TNT movie "The Librarian" with Noah Wylie...was he REALLY a *librarian* or was he an archivist?

  9. What's the oddest thing you have in your archive?

  10. How do the different archivists @ FSU work together to preserve materials throughout special collections?

  11. Does it drive you all crazy to see people touching historical items in TV/movies without gloves?!?