Freedom of Information round-up week ending November 17 2017

A round-up of Freedom of Information stories in the media and developments to the FOI act in the United Kingdom from the week ending November 17 2017

  1. This week FOI has taught us...

  2. The Scottish government is terrible at answering FOI requests. There's actually going to be an investigation into it

  3. The NHS' waiting lists are still terrible

  4. NHS patient's 812 days on a waiting list as delays 'out of control'

  5. The Cabinet Office has released local data from a last minute surge in registered voters for 2017's general election

  6. 'Children as young as 14 are receiving rare notices from the police warning them that they are at risk of being murdered or serious harm'

  7. The longest single journey was a 176-mile trip from Tunbridge Wells in Kent to Derby, costing £461

  8. Who can blame them...
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