1. This week Freedom of Information has taught us.....

  2. Where better to start 2016 than the Cabinet Office. The bastions of transparency.

    After three years, countless court appearances, and thousands of wasted staff hours the Office has revealed its red tape cutting committee met 13 times. Completely worth the appeals money.

  3. GP surgeries are at breaking point; hundreds want to stop taking on more patients

  4. Blair's bananas: An FOI from the BBC revealed conversations between Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, including a row about the peeling fruit.

  5. 10,000 empty nursing posts in London. (Although, should the Royal College of Nursing have to FOI hospitals for this info? Probably not)

  6. Restorative justice: 50k violent crimes dealt with out of court

  7. Links police pay out more than £300k to translators in one financial year

  8. Police get injured using stingers

  9. Everyone involved in this just needs to stop. Seriously.

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