Freedom of Information round-up week ending 15 January 2016

A round-up of Freedom of Information stories in the media and developments to the FOI act in the United Kingdom from the week ending 15 January 2016

  1. This week FOI has taught us

  2. Acid attacks are on the rise

  3. Thousands of government documents are travelling by chauffeur. The documents. On their own.

  4. Boozy Boris doesn't pay his bar bill

  5. Redaction of the week: This is the most glorious thing ever.

  6. This is usually a feature from my transparency newsletter, which, for devoted readers, is currently in hibernation but may come back in several weeks. Please send me any amazing redactions.

  7. Tinder and Grindr crimes are on the increase

  8. I don't think this has any relation to the redaction. Also, to be fair to the apps, and the crims using them, the crimes are increasing as more people use the apps. Makes sense really.

  9. Loads of special branch documents have been published online

  10. More money is being raked in from speed awareness courses

  11. Cops give out cautions for child abuse

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