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Freedom of Information round-up week ending 5 November 2015

A round-up of Freedom of Information stories in the media and developments to the FOI act in the United Kingdom from the week ending 5 November 2015.


  1. This week Freedom of Information has taught us...

  2. Sex crimes against against teens are not being reported properly the Children's Society says, FOI responses show many more than are recorded

  3. The BBC spent £500k on failed legal case over the sacking of an IT boss

  4. Scottish councils spend £5m on schools with almost no pupils

  5. The government won't release a report on whether the badger cull is a waste of money

  6. Arson has cost Essex £8m

  7. The DWP's stats aren't easy to access

  8. A rival for the Cabinet Office

  9. Roy Greenslade on FOI