Data. Networks. Civil Society. Southeast Asia.

Open Southeast Asia Workshop


  1. Together with the 'Südostasien Informationsstelle', we hosted the OPEN Southeast ASIA workshop at the Bonner Universitätsforum. More than 60 participants joined us on the weekend from May 19th to 20th to discuss the benefits of Open Data and how it is applied. Speakers from Southeast Asia, as well as from Germany, shared their experiences and knowledge with the attendees.

  2. After a warm welcome from Björn Müller-Bohlen, the workshop organizers welcomed all participants to the event.

  3. The first talk - an overview of Open Data in Germany - was given by Fiona Krakenbürger, Code for Germany’s Community Organizer.

  4. FOSSASIA is an inititiave that aims to bring together an inspiring community across borders and ages to form a better future with Open Technologies and ICT. Founder Hong Phuc Dang explained the importance of Open Data and presented some projects in Southeast Asia that also work on spreading Open Data.