FIDH delegation at the 14th session of the ICC Assembly of States Parties (ASP)

FIDH is attending the 14th session of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Assembly of States Parties (ASP), which takes place from 18 to 26 November 2015 in The Hague. Follow our delegation on this page and stay tuned at #ASP14.

  1. 26 November 2015
  2. The 14th session of the ASP concluded late on its 8th and last day. States held closed meetings and informal consultations all day long to discuss the omnibus resolution, the cooperation resolution and other ASP policy documents. Rumors said Kenya was threatening to withdraw from the Rome Statute if its proposed language on Rule 68 was not adopted. In the end, the omnibus resolution was adopted without such proposed paragraphs, however Kenya's language was included in the ASP report (which will be published on the website at a later stage). In the meantime, States also elected Mama Koite Doumbia, from Mali, at the TFV board.
  3. Lengthy, very lenghty, diplomatic negotiations took place on the last day regarding Rule 68 language and if/where to include it. It was finally left aside any resolution, but was included in the ASP report, which is a policy and non-legally binding document.
  4. States elected the representative of Africa region at the TFV board by vote, since no consensus had been reached until the last day of this ASP session.
  5. 25 November 2015
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