How Cold Was It This Week?

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  1. 1. It was cold enough to make snow angels. 
  2. 2. It was great big goose egg cold. 
  3. 3. And usually felt colder than the temperature. 
  4. Crazy. Thankful to have a warm bed and a roof over my head. Couldn't imagine being outside in this trying to find somewhere to sleep.
  5. 4. It was Arctic-level cold. 
  6. 5. And that's cold enough to bring out the big, fuzzy hats. 
  7. 6. It was cold enough to make babies cry. 
  8. 7. But not cold enough to stop some people from working out. 
  9. 8. Or to dampen Michigan State school spirit. (Go Green!)
  10. 9. Or to keep ducks from crossing the road. 
  11. There were @ least 5 ducks crossing the road! They waddled right in between the trees on the left.
  12. 10. It was cold enough for big scarves. 
  13. 11. But not cold enough to dampen people's spirits. 
  14. We have a lot of snow! I can share it with you all ! Enjoy and have fun!!! А у нас Санта и Дед Мороз постарались на славу: подарили нам так много снега...и он продолжает падать и падать...навевая хорошее игривое настроение! Я делюсь им с вами, мои друзья, со всеми кто ждет и надеется...