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The FCK LDN New Round-up

A regularly updated miscellany, illustrating why FCK LDN gives the rest of the UK the attention that other media won't.


  1. Creative accounting

  2. In the 2015 budget, George Osborne pledged £13bn to fund a "northern powerhouse". It turns out that figure was smoke and mirrors - including billions of already promised, regular spending. £5bn of it alone is for routine maintenance of the A1 - the road that links London to Edinburgh.
  3. Hot tube time machine

  4. Of all the many, many reasons to hate London, the Tube is perennially at number one. Yes, even above the fact that London takes a massively disproportionate share of our taxes. The London Underground is a vast network of Victorian torture devices, designed to dehumanise all who enter. And in Summer, it's even worse.
  5. You need to be twice as rich to live in London

  6. If you want to live in London, you'll pay for the privilege. Over and over again.
  7. Rail fuck up? Divert the money South

  8. The first post-election blow to Osborne and Cameron's mooted "Northern Powerhouse". The government freezes work on key rail infrastructure upgrades - including the electrification of the busy transpennine route between Leeds and Manchester and the Midland main line between York and Sheffield - apparently in favour of the Great Western Mainline. This is the line connects Bristol to - you guessed it - London.

    "Electrification of the Great Western line is a top priority and I want Network Rail to concentrate its efforts on getting that right" said Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin. The twat.