Connect2HealthFCC Beyond the Beltway Series: Florida

On Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, the FCC's Connect2Health Task Force traveled to Miami and Jacksonville to highlight how broadband-enabled health technology can transform health and care for seniors, children and people with disabilities.


  1. While in Miami, Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Clyburn joined the C2HFCC Task Force for site visits to Nicklaus Children's Hospital Telehealth Command Center and a HealthSpot kiosk in a Florida Blue retail center. In addition, the C2HFCC Task Force hosted a consumer event highlighting broadband health solutions for seniors and caregivers. This event was co-sponsored by AARP and featured Univision's Dr. Juan Rivera.
  2. In Jacksonville, the Task Force partnered with the Mayo Clinic for the FCC-Mayo Clinic Broadband Health Summit: “Building Connected Health and Smart Care Systems in Florida and Beyond.” The Summit featured industry leaders, innovators, telehealth practitioners, public policy thinkers, health care providers, rural telehealth experts and more.
  3. The FCC is visiting our #MayoClinicFL campus today (9am-3:30pm ET) discussing health technologies. WATCH...