Bridging the Digital Divide Road Trip

Chairman Pai tours Mid-Atlantic to focus on rural broadband connectivity and bridging the digital divide

  1. In July, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai traveled through West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland to discuss the importance of bridging the digital divide. While on the road, he met with local leaders, rural broadband providers, entrepreneurs and small businesses about the need to work together towards the goal of bringing broadband to all Americans.
  2. Day 1
  3. Wardensville, West Virginia
  4. The trip started in West Virginia, where Chairman Pai joined U.S. Senator Shelley Moore Capito in Wardensville for a tour of ASC Services, which produces transcripts of broadcast programming and has brought 50 new jobs to the town.
  5. Capon Springs, West Virginia
  6. Chairman Pai and Sen. Shelley Moore Capito also visited the Capon Springs Resort, a family-owned business where a lack of high-speed internet connectivity hinders its ability to attract visitors.
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