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  1. New Resident Evil 5,Retribution movie clip shows 6 new minutes of footage & Milla J. Recently, this new movie clip/featurette (below) for the new action flick “Resident Evil 5: Retribution,” hit the net and features a ton more footage and interview clips with main star Milla Jovovich.

    Download Resident Evil 5 Retribution Movie : The new clip starts off with a new,awesome scene from the flick,featuring Milla in all her fighting glory as character Alice. Then it kicks in to the interview clip. Milla revealed that she much more prefers to play the warrior Alice instead of the suburban,panicked Alice that’s featured in the beginning of this movie.

    She also revealed that she was happy when she was finally able to get out of that tight spandex outfit,but that it did look good on her. I totally agree. The clip goes on to show a couple more minutes of movie clips and interview footage.

    This weekend Resident Evil: Retribution and Finding Nemo 3D aim to bring people back into theaters with something for zombie fans and families alike. Now Resident Evil might not be anything to write home about but these films make money, and so we get sequels after sequels, whether we like it or not.

    Download Resident Evil 5 Retribution Full Movie : Just two years ago Paul W.S. Anderson shoved Resident Evil: Afterlife onto the big screen and, like magic, money appeared in his pockets. That film opened with $26.6 million (a record for the series) and went on to gross $296.2 million worldwide. So obviously Paul here got a chance to make a 5th entry that he called Resident Evil: Retribution. We have Milla Jovovich back kicking ass as Alice, the overpowered heroine of these films. Since not much has changed here and we have 3D once more, Resident Evil: Retribution will probably finish the weekend with $27 million, that’s good enough for the spot. With the game series this is loosely based on getting a new entry (Resident Evil 6) in just a few weeks, the movie might get a bump from that too.

    Download Resident Evil 5 Movie Free : Resident Evil: Retribution opens this Friday, meaning another wave of mindless moaning bodies complaining that the movie isn’t true to the games. But what whiners forget is that there is a Resident Evil movie that’s based on the games, stars the game characters, is absolutely canon, and it sucks like a leech zombie.