@amcunningham & NHS logo in avatar

GP @amcunningham 's Twitter avatar has I heart NHS twibbon that is in common use. She received an email from DH Branding and Identity Dept. that asks her to remove it as the logo's use is restricted. Update: after a conversation, @amcunningham retains logo, DH will not be taking any action.


  1. Story of how the I heart NHS twibbon was developed: #welovetheNHS: How Twitter defended Britain's public health service "Twitter users flocked to Twibbon to register their solidarity with a ‘#welovethenhs’ Twibbon. The movement had already taken on a serious political dimension, with Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah tweeting in appreciation of the moving outpouring and Health Secretary Andy Burnham reporting that he would ‘defend the institution to my dying day.’"
  2. Brand Guidelines associated with the NHS Logo: deals with use of the image and mentions the power of the logo to mark "NHS ownership of services and messages". It might be helpful if it detailed use for social media purposes.
  3. The following is tiny sample of some responses.
  4. Update: @amcunningham contacted the DH Brand and Identity department. In summary, they were unaware of the history of the twibbon and the use of twibbons. The DH agrees that @amcunningham may continue to use the twibbon and intends to take no action.
  5. @amcunningham has some interesting reflections on her experience: NHS Branding and Twitter twibbons