1. On the morning of Tuesday 21st January, Sky Sports News held a live Q&A with World Champion gymnast and Olympic medallist Beth Tweddle. 
  2. Using the hashtag #Sportswomen, it was a great opportunity to bring a spotlight to women's sport, which is so often underrepresented. 
  3. Sky Sports news started by sending out a tweet asking followers to send in their questions for the Q&A...
  4. What followed was the perfect display of the misogyny, aggression and imbalanced treatment faced by sportswomen in every discipline. 
  5. Then one follower asked this question:
  6. Beth replied:
  7. This was how Twitter responded...
  8. Remember:
    - Only 5% of sports media coverage features women
    - For every 53 articles written about sporting men, there is 1 about a woman
    - Women’s sport receives only 0.5% of the total sponsorship income into sport