The Praxis Network (#s599; #MLA14)

The Praxis Network: Rethinking Humanities Education, Together and in Public 3:30–4:45 p.m., Arkansas, Sheraton Chicago


  1. Presiding: Katina Rogers, MLA Commons
    DavidF. Bell III, Duke University
    MatthewK. Gold, New York City College of Tech., City University of New York;
    Kevin Kee, Brock University
    Cecilia Márquez, University of Virginia
    Kelli Massa, University College, London
    William Albert Pannapacker, Hope College
    Donnie Sackey, Wayne State University

    How can humanities programs better equip students for a wide range of careers, while also fostering methodological expertise and public engagement? This roundtable will discuss a few possible approaches as seen in the Praxis Network, a new international alliance of graduate and undergraduate programs that are making effective interventions in traditional models of humanities pedagogy and research.

    For description of programs and overall project, visit
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  4. Neil Anderson tweets a key point, it seems to me, made by David Bell. Relationships between disciplinary departments and DH centers are variable, unstable, unpredictable. 
  5. I don't really see the tension here that PhD careers | MSU identifies, but I wonder if others do...?