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Why should I learn to code?

Coding is touted as one of the most essential skills to have in the 2000s. But what is it that makes coding so awesome?


  1. "If you know how to code, you can get a high-paying job right now, or make valuable stuff right now. You will understand more about how the world works, and become a participating member in the digital society unfolding before us."
  2. "Learning to code is learning to use logic and reason, and express your intent in a consistent, understandable, repeatable way. Learning to code is learning to get under the skin of a problem and reduce it to it’s simplest form. Learning to code is learning to harness power external to yourself and provide instructions to realise your ideas – whether that be directly to a computer, to delegate to one or more professional programmers or even a human team that work for and with you in any dicipline. Learning to code is ultimately a fantastic way to gain a multitude of transferrable skills." - Andy Young
  3. "Most people I know who are learning to code do it because they want to understand how the computer and the Web works so the next time an issue arises, they’re not caught feeling stupid about not knowing what went wrong." - Natt Garun
  4. Marvin Ammori thinks that coding classes have to be introduced in public schools. He writes: "The goal would not be to mold every child into the next Mark Zuckerberg, but to ensure everyone in our society can better understand the code that affects their lives. Thinking like a programmer is not only helpful to succeed in any technical career, it will also become integral to simply navigating our increasingly digital world. Code consists of languages that can be taught just as we already teach the "language" of math, the language of music, and the language of Spanish vocabulary and grammar. Students could decide whether or not they want to pursue greater fluency and expertise in coding (or Spanish), and (if nothing else) students would benefit from the distinct problem-solving framework of a coding mentality -- which may be a more entrepreneurial mentality than memorizing the dates of famous battles in the Thirty Years War. It would help students to think critically -- to analyze and solve problems."
  5. So what's the best thing about coding? A group of developers share their thoughts in this short video.
  6. Why developers love coding
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