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Google Blockly - A visual programming language

Blockly is a new web-based visual programming language helping you to build an application by dragging blocks together.


  1. "Google Blockly could be a good tool for students to use to play with logic commands in a relatively easy to understand environment. Blockly doesn't require any typing, just clicking, dragging, and dropping with a mouse or on a touch screen." - Free Tech 4 Teachers
  2. Blocky is still under development but you can try out these demos:

    Maze - Use Blockly to solve a maze.
    Code - Export a Blockly program into JavaScript, Dart, Python or XML.
    RTL - See what Blockly looks like in right-to-left mode (for Arabic and Hebrew).
  3. Wired:

    "Programming has followed a steady progression of becoming more and more accessible. From Assembly, to Fortran, to C++, to Python, to Blockly, each generation gets to use an even higher-level interface. Eventually one will be able to instruct computers with completely natural language. At which point everyone will be able to tell a computer what to do.” - Neil Fraser, one of the Googlers behind Blockly.
  4. "Google Blocky is a little like a Pixar movie. It’s for kids. But it’s also for adults. And it had a nice sense of humor."

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  11. If you have tried Blockly, please let us know what you think about it!  For instance, do you think it's useful for beginners?