Deardriu Lally, PMP

Birr Coderdojo, Space Camp Ireland, R&D PM Valeo, Vision Systems Algorithms

Send Social Media

Send Social Media is an essential social media dashboard designed & developed for businesses, marketers & agencies helping to manage, monitor, engage & publish on multiple social networks.

Moro Cédric

[fr&en] Communication & management on nat & tech hazards - Programming #resilience #plans #drr #mitigation #educrisk #msgu #smem #gnu

Jaione Santos


Doug Villumsen

I love writing poems and songs. I'm an artist by heart but recently, I've ventured into the world of marketing. Learn more about me by visiting my blog.

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Gilbert Olsen

Prone to fits of apathy. Internet enthusiast. Professional social media fan. Beer specialist.


Joshua Owens

Coffee fan. Certified bacon buff. General internet enthusiast. Zombie nerd. Organizer. Twitter aficionado. Amateur travel scholar. Reader.

Russell Manning

My ramblings on business; opportunities, information and general posts.

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Travel fan. Amateur pop culture maven. Music ninja. Coffee guru. Evil food nerd. Twitter junkie.

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Bacon ninja. Unapologetic coffee fanatic. Evil beer nerd. Friendly tv lover. Typical thinker.

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Unable to type with boxing gloves on. Proud beer buff. Social media ninja. Friendly bacon junkie.

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Passionate introvert. Music fanatic. Web practitioner. Internet fan. Creator.