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Learn programming concepts with Cargo-Bot

"Cargo-Bot is a great way to demo what programming is about in a fun and visual way"


  1. Cargo-Bot is a new and absolutely fun game aiming to teach you to think "like a computer" and this way make you understand some basic programming concepts. Another cool and unique thing about it is that it was programmed entirely on iPad using another app called Codea (check the video in the end of the post to find out how it was done).
  2. "For something that was made on a tablet, Cargo-Bot looks impressive. The graphics are well done, and users seem to enjoy the actual gameplay." - thinks Alex Heath from Cult of Mac.
  3. "It’s like Angry Birds crossed with Codecademy, and it’s total genius." and "I wanted it to be a game about moving blocks around with a claw, and make you forget that you are in fact programming." - says Rui Viana, the developper of Cargo-Bot.
  4. Based on people's comments, the game seems to be really fun and extremely addictive. See what people are thinking about it:
  5. Go ahead and check it out for yourself. You can download it for free on the App Store:
  6. Here's a short article explaining the concept of the game:
  7. To finish the topic on Cargo-Bot, here's a cool vid about the game and how it was developed.
  8. iPad365: Cargo Bot, Codea, Octa
  9. If you have already tried this app, your comments are more than welcome!