#sci4hels Question Time #5 - Education and Sci Journos

What is the obligation of a science journalist when it comes to education, and should education be what motivates someone to become a science journalist?


  1. Normally, Rose runs these things but this week Erin had the helm to moderate the #sci4hels question time on education and science journalism. Things kicked off with a few links for background knowledge.
  2. We tried to get off on the right foot by at first defining what we were talking about when we referred to 'education' - this would prove to be less than effective. 
  3. Luckily at this point, David arrived to keep me from talking to myself for too long. 
  4. From here people started to chime in on my questions about what the responsibility is for science journalists to educate.
  5. One of the first things to arise in the conversation was whether there is a difference between informing and educating. 
  6. The point was then raised that not all journalists feel a need to educate. Sure, that might be what they end up doing, but that isn't the goal they start out with, and they shouldn't feel a responsibility to do so.