Episcopal Relief at Missional Voices 2017

Missional Voices took place April 21-22, 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia. Check out some highlights from Episcopal Relief & Development's Asset Map Coordinator Tamara Plummer's MV Talk as she engages the conference attendees and explains the usefulness of the Episcopal Asset Map! #MissionalVoices


  1. Listen in on Tamara's MV Talk!

  2. Reactions & Notes

  3. Episcopal digital artist Todd Thomas took notes throughout #MissionalVoices. This one highlights Tamara's Talk.
  4. Todd Thomas took notes from the Panel Discussion. Here the Jesus Movement is represented in 8 Spiritual Capacities.
  5. Again, Todd Thomas really nails it in this digital summary. Let us go forward and desire the best for all people.

  6. Have you seen the Episcopal Asset Video? Watch below and get familiar with the map.

  7. Read more about the Episcopal Asset Map on episcopalrelief.org.