Entegris at SEMICON West 2015

Key takeaways from the Entegris Yield Breakfast Forum with Intel, KLA-Tencor and LAM Research. Other highlights including: Jim O’Neill interview with Solid State Technology, TechXPOT on liquid filtration, and release of new linear filtration technology and liquid chemical process solutions.


  1. Putting the pieces together - Materials innovation in a disruptive environment

  2. In an effort to keep pace with Moore’s Law, device designers and chip manufacturers increasingly rely on disruptive innovations in the areas of patterning, device design and materials to enable the density and performance gains that are required at each successive technology node. Such innovations increase process complexity and introduce difficult contamination issues, making yield ramps more challenging. With the time between first commercial sample and high volume manufacturing compressing rapidly, speed to yield is key to success in the foundry and IDM markets.
  3. Entegris VIP reception during #SEMICONWest

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  5. Aiwen Wu, Entegris' Senior Applications Development Engineer Presents at TechXSPOT South

  6. Entegris Enables The Future of Contamination Control with Torrento® X Series 7 nm Filtration with FlowPlane™ Linear Technology

  7. “We’ve reached an inflection point where filter design must evolve to meet the needs of the most complex ‪#‎semiconductor‬ ‪#‎manufacturing‬ processes,” said Entegris Vice-President of the Liquid Microcontamination Control business unit, Clint Haris.
  8. FlowPlane™ Linear Filtration Technology - The Future of Contamination Control
  9. Entegris Introduces InVue™ Line of Process Control Solutions for Monitoring Liquid Chemical Processes in Semiconductor Manufacturing

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  11. Solid State Technology Interview with Jim O'Neill, Entegris CTO

  12. 3rd Annual Entegris Yield Breakfast Forum

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