Beth Williams

Marketing nerd, iMedia graduate student, animal lover, life enthusiast.

Stan Veritas

Entrepreneur is just French for 'has ideas, does them.' -- World Travel, History, Mobile Tech, Global Trends, Enterprise Change. @godoBerlin @gododone

Victoria Ifan

PR & Public Affairs at GE | Cornell alumna | Digital & social media junkie | Pop culture obsessed | Intrigued by tech | Views are my own.


Having fun, making money and making a difference, loving life, family and friends all around the world. Demystifying Digital Marketing, Social Marketing for you

Camila Veit Braune

Brazilian, @hyperisland student, living in Peru, strategist. Not necessarily in that order

Pattie Pants

Corro de madrugada, guitarrista de closet, en ocaciones birdwatcher. Papa. USMC. Semper Fi.

Jess Holmes

Digital Manager for the Ontario Public Service. I like design, architecture, economics, UX, UI and social technologies. Views are my own.

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payal singh


The things you should know, based on who you are. Available for web, iOS, and Android.

Vinícius Leite

Sou apenas um rapaz, latino americano, sem dinheiro no banco

Gezabel Perotti

Social Media lover *-* Movies and Apple addicted!

David O'Connor

Dad, writer, recruitment expert, tech geek, idea generator and action taker

Andrew Skyberg


Jeff Dahl

Husband, Dad, Elementary Tech Teacher #MICHED #CROSLEX